The software is available for download (freeware or shareware) or available online (demonstration version) for free evaluation.

Software downloading depends on part of current communication infrastructure, andpart of the lack of materialized media. Software is protected by international copyright and intellectual property regulations and treaties.

The sale of software does not, under any circumstances, result in the transferof the reproduction, representation, exploitation and more generally any intangible rights recognized or to know who participated in the realization of the software. The purchaser is therefore only allowed to install and use only one exemplarea of the program downloaded to a single computer. However, it is generally assumed that the primary user will be able to make a second copy, for backup or archiving purposes. Of course in the case of multi-pl licensing purchasesthe buyer will be able to install the software on as many items as purchased licenses.

The download for the software is available before payment. The download procedure allows you to test the software before purchase. The software is distributed according to the shareware mode (Try before you buy). You can download software at your convenience. The user downloads the acquired software or software using the http protocol. If for a reasonto log in a user could not download software, they can still contact our customer service via email. The download entitles you to free updates.

Contract formation
Billing ismadeafter the purchase is validated directly printable online. The receipt of the delivery (software) is electronic.

Delivery and reception
The author undertakes to do everything possible to transmit the decryption key in the shortest time,as soon as the purchase order has been validated by the customer. Estimated time frames for downloading data are given only as an indication, and any delays do not give the buyer the right to cancel the sale,  refuse the merchandise or claim damages. Any claim for non-compliance or missing delivery of a product, whether by download or delivery if planned will have to be submitted within a week ofproductdelivery.

Cases of Fortuitous and Force Majeure
The author is released from the obligation of delivery for all fortuitous and force majeure cases;

Selling prices and payment times
The prices displayed by the author are charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of the order. The author can change his rates at any time. The invoice is settled on order.

Priority prioritéReserve
The transfer of ownership of the goods downloaded, delivered and delivered is suspended until the buyer's full payment of the price without affecting the transfer of risks.

In addition to the legal guarantee against hidden defects resulting from articles 1641 and following of the Civil code, the products sold benefit from a guarantee from the publisher. These guarantees are exclusive to any other guarantee, in particular, of any guarantee of results as to the satisfaction of thecustomer's specific beso ins. In all cases covered by these terms and conditions, the author's liability is limited to those referred to in the absence of compensation for any other harm, regardless of the source, suffered by the client.

The home election is made at the author's home. In the event of a dispute over the performance of a sales contract or the payment of the price, the Strasbourg Commercial Court (FRANCE) will be the sole jurisdiction regardless of where the deliverywas delivered and the method of paymentaccepted. Barring special and written agreements, any order takes full advantage of the buyer's adherence to the author's general terms of sale, notwithstanding any contrary stipulation contained in his ownterms and conditions of purchase.

Special case of large-volume licenses (ENTREPRISE)

This type of license is specially dedicated and limited to companies and especially to all the sites of the same company. These licences are set for one year. Note that the payment is capped, i.e. from a certain number of licenses purchased, the payment remains the same regardless of the number of licenses desired.

Computer science and freedom Respect your anonymity: Your data will never be exchanged. The author EuropeSoftwares is concerned with respecting individual freedoms and mainly the law of 6 January 1978 (relating to computers and freedoms).